Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lightroom Keyword List for Living Being

Like many others I use Adobe Lightroom to organize and edit my photos. as my library grows I rely heavily on keywords to classify and find my images.

I started with a simple list of keywords which then grew over time. Once a reached a couple thousand keywords I figured that they was a better way, and ended up purchasing a managed keyword list. This hasn't stopped me from finding gaps and adding my own keywords to the list.

One area where I would often add new keywords was plants and animals. It seems that I was always photographing some new thing which wasn't in the list. Searching for a complete list of plants and animals I came across ITIS, the Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Created in partnership between US, Canadian and Mexican agencies, it contains about 684,000 animals, plants, and other living species.

The list comes in various database formats, but alas none which could be easily imported as Lightroom keywords. It was however a simple matter of dumping the list into a database, and from there formatting it in the right way.

Be warned however that this is a fairly extensive keyword list, with over 460,000 terms, and will take a while to import. If you are still interested, download it below. For each item I have included the generic and scientific names when available, as well as variations.

The list is free and available here, and is zipped. Simply download, decompress, and import into Lightroom. Read below for technical info about creating your own data pull.

If you are interested in building your own keyword list based on the ITIS database, they make their list available for many relational databases. I chose to use SQL Server, as it's the one I have available and which I am more familiar with. From there I built a query which removes some of the intermediate classifications, and correctly tabulates the data.

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