Thursday, April 10, 2014

Scaling Back

I have been doing an experiment lately, editing and publishing an image every day. This is a great way to push myself to not only take more photos, but to edit and work them until I get a result I like. I've been experimenting with HDR (High Dynamic Range), filters, and different effects in order to get a "look". Not all the images turn out nice, or the way I expect them, but they all help me grow and move forward.

I've been also sharing them here for others to enjoy, and to see whether I would get some time of feedback or reaction. So far I have not received a single comment, which either means that nobody is looking (in which case this entry will go unnoticed as well), or that there is nothing to say. In either case, I've decided to scale back a bit.

I will continue shooting and editing my photos as frequently as I can manage, but I am only going to share an image per week (give or take). That will give me more time to concentrate on the image production itself, and will also allow me to provide more commentary in each entry.

Tomorrow will be my last daily entry.

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