Friday, May 6, 2011

Photography 101: Lighting

Hello, and welcome to our first edition of photography 101. Here we will share our knowledge and experiences to help you take better pictures.

The first step is light. Without light there is no photography. In fact, the word
photography comes from the Greek photos and graphé
, which mean "drawing with light". Whenever you press the trigger on your camera you are capturing and recording the light coming from your scene. The first thing you must therefore do is understand where this light is coming from and make it work for you. The quantity, quality and direction of the light sources will all affect your final image.
Forget about rules like “always keep the sun at your back” and “use a flash when it is dark”, and instead start looking at how the light falls on your scene. Is the person’s face dark, fully illuminated, or somewhere in between? Are the shadows harsh or soft? Is there any glare or nasty
Learning to see light is the first step to better photographs. With a little bit of knowledge and some practice you will soon begin noticing the improvements in your photos.

Next month we will discuss the light meter in your camera, why your images sometimes come out too bright or too dark, and how to attain a perfect exposure.

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